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HyperCube Pro

All-in-One Charging and Storage System
  • Boosting Capacity and Income
  • Peak-valley Arbitrage
  • Inherently Safe
  • Six Major Applications
  • Under the same transformer capacity, charging stations can be over-equipped by 1-2 times

  • By utilizing energy storage to provide power support, the charging capacity of the station increases by 40%-80% and postponing the need for transformer upgrade

  • Utilizing energy storage for peak shaving and valley filling, to achieve peak-valley arbitrage and related government subsidy benefits

  • Built-in solid-state inherently safe batteries

  • Al intelligent early warning

  • Comprehensive three-dimensional fire detection, multi-layer protection of detection, prevention, venting, and extinguishing, achieving the inherent safety of the integrated charging and storage system

  • Support six application scenarios of peak shaving and valley filling, demand control, station capacity expansion, virtual power plants, reactive power regulations, and backup power supply, achieving diversified revenue steams

Technical Specifications

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  • HyperCube Pro


All-in-One Charging and Storage System



Battery Cell

Solid-state LFP

Rated Energy (kWh)


Rated AC Voltage


Rated AC power (kW)

100 (Max. 120)

Operating Voltage Range


Dimensions (W*D*H)

1171.5*800*1998.5mm (±5mm)

Operating Temperature

-20 ~50℃ (derating >45℃)

Weight (kg)



GB/T 18487.1-2015, GB/T 20234.1-2015, GB/T 34120·2017, GB/T 36276-2018, GB/T 34133-2017

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