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Full Portfolio of ESS Products

We offer you a full portfolio of ESS products for utility-scale, C&I as residential applications, featuring high safety, smart & efficient, long lifecycle and wide applications

  • BMS
    Battery Management System

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    BMS is in the core position in the application of electrochemical energy storage system. If the battery is not well managed, the battery may have safety risks due to abuse problems such as overcharge or overdischarge.

    HyperStrong's BMS follows the functional safety requirements of the vehicle specification level, has been verified by the hardware-in-the-loop test system, and has been practiced in large scale engineering application projects more than 10GWh.

    BMS combines cloud technology and intelligent data management to provide intelligent safety management and services throughout the whole battery life cycle from cell admission, production process, engineering implementation, and system O&M.

    To meet the requirements of energy storage systems with different voltage levels from 48V to 2000V, HyperStrong has reliable solutions, rich practical experience and a large number of successful cases.

  • EMS
    Energy Management System

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    Energy Management System (EMS) monitors the entire station's energy storage, including batteries, PCS information, box-type transformer measurement and control, grid connection points, fire safety, and station environment.

    EMS displays station-wide information, active and reactive power control, grid support, data storage, historical data, fault alarms, and data analysis. It can also monitor large volumes of data and offer a variety of control methods.

  • PCS
    Power Conversion System

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    Power Conversion System (PCS) converts and transfers electricity between energy storage systems and power grid systems to achieve two-way energy flow through rectification and inversion.

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